Zero participation in our car rental company

Zero participation in the car rental company

In our car rental company you can make sure of zero participation. As a standard, if you cause an accident or a rented car is damaged by an unknown perpetrator or element, you are obliged to pay a co-payment for damage to the vehicle. This participation is ten percent, at least CZK 10,000. This means that you pay the first ten thousand damages, if the damage is more than CZK 100,000, the participation is 10 .

Amount of premiums

zero percent

If you are insured for zero participation, you do not pay anything if damaged. The payment of participation takes over by the car rental company. The amount of supplementary insurance is not fixed as the risks of the accident vary for individual tenants. The amount is calculated individually. The specified sum will increase the low age of the driver and the short time of holding the driving licence. These two groups are the riskiest from this point of view. The daily rate will definitely be lower if it is a multi-day rental.

It may be that zero-party insurance will not be possible due to high risk. A model example may be renting for one day, with a 20-year-old travelling to Germany who has a two-month driving licence. This option cannot benefit from the offer of this additional insurance. By default, the amount of supplementary insurance ranges from 200 to 300 CZK. It can, of course, be slightly higher and lower.

Exclusions from supplementary insurance

Zero participation does not apply in all cases. The lockout applies to drunk driving or under the influence of addictive substances. Intentional damage. Also, this additional insurance does not include separate damage to the car’s tyres and rims. However, if they are damaged in an accident with other parts of the vehicle, zero participation is valid. Separate damage to rims and tyres can be arranged extra. Zero participation also does not apply to car key loss, incorrect fuel refueling or interior damage.