Cheapest tire service Prague 2

Mon-PA 7:00-18:00

Price list of works

Ráfekocelovýelectron (alu)
Velikost pneumatiky12-15161712-151617
Kompletní přezutí
4 pneumatiky sundání a nandání na ráfek+vyvážení+nasazení na auto
4 kola sundání a nasazení na auto (bez vyvážení)
4 kola sundání a nasazení na auto + vyvážení
Samostatné práce
1 kolo (demontáž z ráfku+montáž na ráfek+ vyvážení pneumatiky)150,-160,-170,-160,-170,-180,-
Sundání + nandán kola na auto (1ks) 100,-100,-100,-100,-100,-100,-
Vyvážení kola (1pks) 70,-70,-80,-80,-80,-90,-
Demontáž z ráfku + montáž pneu na ráfek (1ks)100,-100,-100,-100,-100,-100,-
Likvidace staré pneu (1ks)35,-
Příplatek vyztužené pneu dodávky „C“ (1ks)15,-
Demontáž + montáž plastových krytek (1 kolo)10,-

It's cheaper.

Our car rental offers tire services at very reasonable prices. We can afford a low price, as this activity is merely an addition to our business and is not our main source of income. If your vehicle needs to be switched at a good price, just call our car rental phone number 605 043 834 and order for a specific time. We reuse both steel and alu rims of dimensions of 12–17 inches. The cheapest 4-wheel-drive and car-mounted transfer includes 4 pcs of rim disassembly + rim mounting + wheel balance + removing and car deployment. These are steel rims up to 15 inches in size. The complete will cost you czk 530, which you will not buy anywhere. We reload and export alu rims for CZK 550 + 50 CZK (taking off and nanding on the car).

Some tyres do not change

Since our equipment is not designed for special types of tires, some of them we cannot change on our equipment. These are Run Flat tyres that have reinforced side walls and are designed to arrive even if you have a defect. We also do not transfer low profile tyres and wheels without a centre opening. At the same time, it is not possible to switch large pneu from 18 inches above. With these tires you need to visit the classic tire service, where they will be happy to do this service. We deal with the most widely used rims measuring 13 to 17 inches, both steel and all.

We do not reinvite

  • wheels without centre hole
  • Run Flat tyres (run-off tyres with reinforced sidewalls)
  • low profile tyres (45+ + 45)
  • tyres 18 inches or more