The cheapest tire service in Praha 2

MO-FR 7:00-18:00

Price list

Rimsteelelectron (alu)
Tire size12-15161712-151617
4 pcs of buckles + balancing + mounting on the car530,-600,-690,-600,-690,-790,-
4 pcs removal + deployment on the car (without balancing)260,-280,-330,-260,-280,-330,-
4 pcs removal + deployment on the car + balance440,-480,-520,-480,-520,-560,-
Individual work
1 wheel (rim removal + rim mounting + tire balance)140,-150,-160,-150,-160,-170,-
Removing + putting wheels on car (1pc) 70,-80,-90,-70,-80,-90,-
Wheel Balance (1pc) 60,-70,-80,-70,-80,-90,-
Removing from rim + mounting tire on rim (1pc)80,-90,-90,-90,-90,-90,-
Disposal of old tires (1pc)35,-
Additional cost of delivery „C“ (1pc)15,-

The best price

Our car rental offers tire service for very reasonable prices. We can afford a low price because this activity is only a complement to our business and is not our main source of income. If your car needs a good price, just call our car rental number +420 605 043 834 and book for a specific time. We changeover both steel and aluminum rims of 12–17 inches. The cheapest 4-wheel change-over with car mount includes 4 pcs rim removal + rim mount + wheel balancing + removal and deployment on the car. These are steel rims up to 15 inches. The complete set will cost you 530 CZK, which you can not buy anywhere. We changeover aluminum rims for 550 CZK + 50 CZK (taking off and getting on the car).

We do not changeover some tires


Our equipment is not designed for special types of tires, some of them cannot be changed on our equipment. These are Run Flat tires that have reinforced sidewalls and are designed to be touched even if you have a puncture. Also, we do not move low-profile tires and wheels without a center hole. At the same time it is not possible to buckle big tires from 18 inches up. With these tires you have to visit a classic tire service, where they will be happy to do this service. We deal with the most widespread rims of 13 to 17 inches, both steel and aluminum.

Not moving


  • wheels without center hole
  • Run Flat Tires
  • low profile tires (45 and less)
  • tires in diameter 18 inches or more