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Car Rental Automoc Prague

Open every day, low prices, city centre

Our car rental company can be found right in the centre of Prague, which means you can drop complications and delays during transport to the point of transmission of the vehicle. Tram number 10 or 16 will bring you to us, šumavská stop. Next, tram number 11 and 13, jiřího z Poděbrad stop, comes to us. If you take the metro, you will perform at the station of Náměstí Míru or Jiřího z Poděbrad. The office is located approximately the same distance from these two stations. If you do not want to travel by public transport you can land and hand over the vehicle in a different place by appointment.

Our competitive advantage is the low price of car rental. We are one of the cheapest car hire companies in Prague. We can afford this customer bonus thanks to long-term market activity, financial stability of the company and the minimization of personnel costs. We are not trying to inflate the company to gigantic proportions and after a few years go bankrupt for the reasons of overmining the diverse costs, but to maintain the quality standard, and to emphasize the satisfaction of our customers, whom we always strive to accommodate. Savings never go to vehicle service. Even with new vehicle models, the cheapest rental prices can be achieved.

Most Škoda cars are on offer of our car rental company. Cars are regularly serviced in branded car service. The inside of the car is cleaned after each loan, this basic cleaning is included in the rental price.

Our long-term experience in the field of rental of škoda passenger cars has brought us a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. On our website you will find free practical advice for both škoda car owners and other motorists. You can order the necessary parts on or

Car rental Prague can answer some questions over the phone. At present, e-mail communication is popular, which we are also accessible to. But a phone conversation is always a faster option.

Our car in your blue zone

If you are resident in Prague, you can obtain a parking permit for the area where you live with a rented car from our car rental company. It often happens that your vehicle has to go to the car service for an extended period of time and you rent a car in our car rental company. The blue zones are almost everywhere in Prague, so it is advisable to have parking privileges on the car. We will be happy to help you with this matter. You can rent a car with us, and even if you don’t have any of your car with a card, you can draw this card on our car. The only condition is permanent residence in Prague in the place where you want to park with our car.
Years on the market

I appreciate great attitude, speed and flexibility. But i'm always pleased with low prices.

Marketa Nova

Car rental Prague offers cars at low prices

If you compare our price list with the price lists of other car rental companies in Prague, you will find that our prices are some of the lowest, if not the lowest. It is necessary to compare in the most frequently requested segment and the parameters must be comparable. Most people rent a car for a few days. If we compare the loan of Škoda Fabie II for 2 days, you will get to a very interesting price in our car rental shop. With a limit of 200 kilometers per day, the price is 488 CZK/day. This price is without VAT, in the price list we list the price with VAT, which is 590 CZK.

Placing a price without VAT is a frequent mess of many car rental companies. You choose cars in the car rental, you find a price list and compare offers. At speed, you don’t notice which prices are quoted with VAT and which without this tax. You can usually learn this trickiness when paying when passing a car, and it’s too late for some changes. It is therefore advisable to notice this small but expensive little thing at the price list of car rental companies.

Some car hire companies even have listed prices without compulsory insurance and charge you for this item in the final. You can’t really drive without the insurance paid. Thus there are differences in posting the number of days. A serious car rental company calculates rates for a calendar day. With us, one day counts as 24 hours. It is also good to pay attention to the prices of accessories such as children’s seats or navigation.

Fabia III

Skoda Fabia III

petrol, 5 doors, 5 persons, airbags, isofix, air conditioning, heated mirrors, remote control, Central, start-stop, radio, ABS, ASR, ESP, on-board computer

škoda rapid

Skoda Rapid

petrol, 5 doors, 5 persons, airbags, isofix, air conditioning, heated mirrors, remote control, Central, radio, ABS, ASR, ESP, parking assistant

Škoda Octavia III kombi

Škoda Octavia III estate

diesel, 5 doors, 5 persons, airbags, isofix, air conditioning, heated mirrors, remote control, Central, radio, ABS, ASR, ESP, parking assistant

In our car rental company always finds something extra

GPS navigation, seats, chains…

In our rental offer you will also find various accessories that can come in handy when travelling by car. These include, for example, child car seats, roof racks, bike racks, winter chains or GPS navigation. Navigation in particular seems to be an indispensable helper at times. We charge for it from 40 to 90 crowns per day. With our navigation, you always turn the right way. You want to get on your bike? With us you can rent a car with carriers up to 3 bicycles.

Low prices including VAT

Our prices are always quoted including VAT, which is not the case with most competing car rental companies in Prague, so you have to take a calculator when comparing the price of the rental. The price written with us is valid. The only surcharge is the surcharge for our trip abroad, which in some cases may not even be charged. There are no other surprising supplements with us. Auto rental company Praha offers its permanent clients payment for invoice suprenely in the longer term cooperation.

Cheapest tire service

Our car rental company is equipped with its own transfer and tire balancer. Since this is not the main content of our activity, we can offer you the best price of tyre suspensions in Prague. One round costs you only 110 CZK. You can order from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00. We only change the tyres to order at 605 043 834. Call and arrange a date, usually you can come the same day.