Conditions for renting a car


  • driving licence


The consumption of fuel is paid for by the customer. The vehicle is taken over by the customer with a full tank and is obliged to return it with a full tank. For shorter rides, it is possible to agree to pay for the petrol (diesel) used according to the consumption of the car and current prices without the obligation to refuel the tank. The minimum rental time is 24 hours for exceeding the borrowing time by 60 minutes.

The payment of the rental is made when the transfer of the vehicle on the basis of the bill according to the tariff, at the same time the refundable deposit is paid according to the rented vehicle. The vehicle may be brought or returned to a contracted place other than the rental facility upon request upon request of the user.


Vehicles are emergencyinsured. If caused by damage or damage to the vehicle by an unknown offender is a complicity of 10 (min. CZK 10,000). 0 co-payment (full insurance) can be arranged. The price of this insurance is calculated individually (number of rental days, age of the driver). Each rental vehicle is insured in case of damage, destruction or theft, as well as the transported persons (seats) are insured. Legal liability insurance for damage caused by the operation of the vehicle is also covered by the rental. The insurance does not cover damages resulting from the infringement of the provisions of the 99/1998 Coll. (ingestion of alcoholic beverages or drugs by the driver).

The insurance also does not cover damages resulting from non-compliance with the contractual conditions or non-compliance with the technical conditions of operation of the vehicle determined by the manufacturer. Insurance does not cover damage to tyres and rims. In the event of insurance claims in which other persons who are entitled to statutory insurance have been harmed, the user is obliged to report this insurance event without undue delay to the rental company. Vehicle insurance does not apply to baggage transported.


Mon-Ne 7:00-19:00
Chodská 25, Prague 2
tel.: 605 043 834

Travel abroad

When driving outside the Czech Republic, the user is obliged to notify the rental company in advance of this intention. He can only travel with the consent of the rental company. In the event of failure to notify this fact, the rental company does not pay costs that will not be borne by the insurance company in the event of a harmful event.

VAT deduction

Our car rental company is a VAT payer. Company customers can apply a deduction to their company after the introduction of their VAT number. The basis for claiming the deduction is the issued tax document.

Payment per invoice

Upon agreement, regular customers can switch to payment of services in the form of invoicing with an individually agreed maturity. Verified clients are also not required to deposit. It all depends on the agreement and credibility of the negotiations.

24-hour assistance services

Whatever happens, whenever you can call our 24/7 assistance service, they can handle any hassle that happens to you along the way.

Low rental prices

Our prices are final. You will not be surprised by any sneaky fee or surcharge. Prices are set at the lowest possible threshold of long-term profitability of the company.

Takeover of a car in the centre of Prague

You will take the car in the centre of Prague at Chodská 25, Prague 2, in the same place you can return it. You do not have to travel to the outskirts of Prague or somewhere beyond Prague.