17. 1. 2020

Electric cars in the car rental station still do not stretch

Political pressure on electric vehicles


Electric cars in car hire companies still do not play a vital role. Neither companies nor other drivers buy these cars in bulk. Politicians are trying to move from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric ones. The trouble is that they are expensive, have a short finish, and there are not too many places to recharge. Hybrid cars appear to be adecent compromise so far . These are a combination of electric car and a classic car with a diesel or petrol engine. Electrics usually take care of the start-ups when the exhaust fumes are at the highest level. The car is directed by the internal combustion engine. This car doesn’t get far on the power, but when braking, the battery recharges a little again.

Reach still very low

electric car

The biggest problem is for electric cars with their range on full charge. So far, it is currently some 200 – 400 kilometers, which is very little. On a full tank of diesel you usually have a Skoda Octavia III within 1,000 kilometers. You’ll be refueled in a few minutes with payment at the cash register, the gas stations are at every turn. If you run out of electric car flashlight somewhere in front of Brno, you’ll probably start to panic if you haven’t printed a map of charging stations at home. But even if you find it, you don’t win. Someone can be connected to the socket and you’ll be charged immediately.

Brawl at the stands

If someone parked the car at this rack for a long time, you have a spoiled weekend. If you’re lucky, you can charge. Which is a matter of a few tens of minutes. Sum of sumárum only charging electric car is a fighting game for fans of electrification. In some car rentals you can come across electric cars. Prices are higher than for classic vehicles, worries are also higher. Car rental owners have to deal with low-cost batteries, which are a lot of extra worries.

Politicians pressure on the purchase of electric vehicles

Politicians try to start the electric carbusiness in different ways . It invents various support actions, pressuring automakers, who, under the threat of sanctions, are ordering impossible emissions standards for classic cars. This fight does not make electric cars cheaper, but makes cars with internal combustion engines more expensive. Classic demand and supply are failing here, and state intervention is curving the car market. Time will tell how this situation will unfold. It would be great to invent battery technologies that would range about a thousand kilometers, then ride with these cars more cheerfully.