17. 1. 2020

Car rental Prague offers comfort

car rental

Our car rental car Carmoc Praha offers its clients comfort in the form of good availability of the branch, very accommodating working hours, choosing from very well-known Škoda vehicles. Our office is located in the very centre of Prague near the Square Míru. This means that if you go to pick up a car at the rental company, you do not have to go to the edge of Prague, but you can choose from all possible variants and offers of Prague integrated transport. The nearest tram station šumavská is located. There you can get tram number 10 and 16. A little further away there is a tram station of Jiřího square from Poděbrady. Here it builds tram number 11 and 13.

If you take the metro, you can get off at the peace square station or Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. Our car rental office is located approximately the same distance from both of these stations. You can also get off bus number 135 or tram number 22 on The Peace Square. The availability palette of public transport is really wide, so the journey to us will take you a minimum of time.

Car rental is open every day

Our car rental has a daily opening time from 07:00 to 19:00. We have open every day, including holidays and weekends. You can find such a accommodating opener at few local car rental companies. You will pick up the car with us at the agreed time and return them again, you do not have to deal with where to park the car, as we will personally take it over and take care of everything.

Car Rental Prague and blue zones

blue zones
blue zones

If you need to park withour car in Prague , there are various possibilities. On some cars we have parking permits for Prague 2. Blue and purple zoneshave been phased in a lot of urban areas , so parking must be paid for in these places. The advantage is that it is usually paid on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. However, be ware of the differences that are in each city district. Every Prague has its own conditions.

Free parking can be parked on purple zones on weekends. This is probably the only thing agreed by the whole of Prague. There are some differences, but Saturday and Sunday are free for visitors on these purple zones. If you have a rental car from our car rental company and have your car with a parking card in a car service, your parking card can be transferred to our car after repair time. It is also possible to set up a parking permit for our rented car if you are resident in a specific Prague and you do not have a parking card.