17. 1. 2020

Car rental Prague and competition


Running a car rental company in Prague is not easy these days. Gone are the times when there was no problem to park anywhere. The condensed traffic was only a few hours in rush hour and it was possible to cross the road even without the installed traffic light.

Car rental Prague, which offers its clients a car rental for a shorter or longer period of time, must adapt to this situation. New technologies have attracted entrepreneurs trying to take advantage of these benefits. Carsharing in Prague has tasked with removing dozens of cars from the streets by offering their cars to these people. They’re going to use the cars from this otherwise called car rental company, and they’re going to sell theirs. The theory is nice, practically it is rather an illusion to support the good intention of these modern car rental companies.



Carsahring is suitable for someone who does not own a car in Prague and needs to buy furniture in a shopping mall on the outskirts of Prague and bring it home. If a few kilometers travel and it makes it in a short time, carsharing is more affordable than the classic Prague car rental. If he wanted to have a car for a long time and drive hundreds of kilometers with it, it would have become very expensive for him.

The owners of electric scooter rental companies reacted to traffic jams, which are a daily reality in the centre of Prague. They recently imported hundreds of these machines from America and made them available to praguers. For 2 crowns per minute, you can ride on them. Unlock ing costs CZK 25. A smartphone paired with your credit card is enough to drive.

To make matters worse, car rental of electric cars also appeared in Prague. These are small Chinese cars, which you can rent in a similar way to scooters in Prague. There’s only 20 of them, so it’s a little trouble picking them up at a reasonable distance. The price for one minute is 4 CZK, the mobile will also be enough, but you need to register in advance and prove that you have the right to drive.