17. 1. 2020

Car hire companies in Prague make it cheaper

After long years, the price of car rental companies has reflected a competitive struggle, thus making car rental companies cheaper. In recent years, cars that are unused have accumulated after incredible production of automakers around the world. Automakers are pressuring dealers to remove new cars from production lines. But dealers have to hold the price, so sometimes they’re in an impasse because their cars are piling up in stock.

It’s a wonder where all the cars made are put. Sales are growing, but parking spaces are already in short supply. All the cities are literally flooded by cars and the actions of blue and purple zones are on a daily basis. Most of this is also a decent profit for cities, as the collection of fines has been a simple gold mine for them since the operator’s liability for traffic offenceswas introduced .

Carsharing cars block parking spaces

parking meter

I’m sure the same amount of cars that are getting into operation is not being scrapped. Some wealthy companies have bought cars and run an unmanned car rentalcompany under the guise of carsharing . They convinced city officials that their cars would reduce the number of cars parked in Prague. According to their forecast, one car will be divided among multiple customers.

The theory is interesting, the practice is definitely different. The same way works in every car rental company in Prague. Carsharing firms, however, motivated parking in blue zones for a small fee, so they came up with this story. Their cars, which are scattered around Prague, are currently blocking more than 1,000 parking spaces for residents.

The persuasive methods at the Magistrate have worked, the question is whether it is also advantageous for people who rent a car at carsharing. At the time of the lease, they are not allowed to park in blue zones and must pay for parking in the same way as cross-country drivers. In our car rental shop we have several cars with parking card for Prague 2. If you are interested, you can inform you about this option in our email.

In the car rental with parking card

parking card

If you need to car with parking card for your city part, you can rent with us and we will handle the card together. The condition is permanent residence in your city district and inactive parking Card. These are especially cases where you have a car in a car service or you want to rent a car for an extended period of time, e.g. while waiting to the new car.

Many new car rental companieswere created , which with the vision of easy profit bought a lot of new cars. The competitive fight mostly takes place in the form of a price reduction and a drag on clients. The good news for car rental clients is that prices are falling despite the fact that it makes everything more expensive. However, the number of customers in this area has been stable for a long time, so someone has to hold a black Peter. And no one wants that. Car hire companies have started to make it cheaper to keep their clients. Now it depends on who’s going to last longer.

Standing car are Costs

Who does not rent is undergoing. Any car that is not rented stands on amortization of its owner about 100 CZK per day. When we add to this insurance, promotion, service tours, parking, wages, VAT, radio fees and other costs, we find that it is it is necessary to spend at least CZK 7,000 per month on one car, to stay at zero.