The assistance services of our car rental company are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. If you have any difficulty or question regarding a rental car from our car rental company, please call our phone number 605 043 834. The second alternative is number 1224, where you will enter the vehicle registration number. You will then be informed which services you can draw free of charge. These two phone numbers are the only ones you can safely use, knowing that no one will want to deprive you of their enticing offer of help for money.

Accident hunters are in retreat

In the past , so-called accident huntershave offered their services , who have been linked to persons receiving accidentreports . In vehicle collisions, they were mostly first, and they offered their services to people under the stress of the event. It was a towing, repair or replacement vehicle. After signing the contract and some kind of temporary relief, a shock followed a few weeks later. Accident hunters charged outrageous surcharges for towing, repairs and rental cars.

In our car rental free of charge

assistance services

You have these services free of charge in our car rental company. Towing to the nearest car service is included in the price of emergency insurance after the accident, which our car rental company pays for the insurance company Kooperativa. You can pick up a replacement vehicle in our office or be brought to your address by agreement. Repair of the damaged car is under our direction. The only thing that may happen to you is to pay for your co-ordinated complicity in your accident. However, you can insure this participation by agreement for zero participation. That way, you don’t pay anything again.

Towing, road side assistance

In the event of a crash or car failure that you have rented from our car rental company, just call our phone number and the assistance technician is ready to head to you 24 hours a day and help with any trouble. It may be a discharged battery. All you have to do is forget to turn off some light in the car and the trouble is in the world. Most of the time, the assistant technician arrives at your watch, which is not that much delay. Assistance services also operate abroad.